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Vendeur: asyawoodart

Walnut 360 Degree Drawers Storage Chess Set with Metal Theme Chess Pieces


type de produit: Special Chess Set
Lester: 6.0 kg
Vendeur: asyawoodart

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-We were inspired by the legendary classic metal chess characters in the unique design of this chess set. Our chess pieces are designed according to classical characters.
-And this special chess set is a great gift for your loved ones, family or friends!

- This chess set is completely handmade, and the polish on it is completely handmade using cotton using old methods. It can be a great decoration product for your home.
-This chessboard contains a specially designed drawer in itself, when you open this drawer, you will see a chess piece hopper made of high-quality sponge to store chess pieces in the best way.
-This specially made high quality sponge chess piece bowl protects your chess pieces from scratches. In this way, you can use your chess set for years.
-The drawers of this chessboard rotate 360 degrees.

-Our chess pieces are made of zamak, a high-quality cast iron material.
-Our chess board is made of wood with walnut tree pattern. The outer surface is varnished.
-Our chess pieces have two color options. According to your preference, we can produce your chess pieces in copper-silver for an antique look and gold-silver for a modern look.

Board Size: 40 cm x 40 cm x 7 cm = 15.7” x 15.7" x 2.75”

The Size of the Chess Pieces:
♚ King Height: 7cm
♙ Pawn Height: 4cm


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