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Brown Handmade Carved Wooden Chess Set with Wooden Chess Pieces


type de produit: Wooden Chess Set
Lester: 3.0 kg
Vendeur: asyawoodart

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Brown Handmade Carved Wooden Chess Set with Wooden Chess Pieces

This product is completely handmade. it is made of solid wood and is a high-quality product. The design cuts are made meticulously. It is made of walnut wood and other trees.
The chessboard is quite light because softwood is used.
The playground is made with laser printing.
High quality wooden chess pieces.
The parts of Wooden Chess Sets are produced with high quality workmanship in Turkey.

Chessboard Size;
36cm x 36cm = 14" x 14" inches


Chess pieces are made of wooden. Its raw material is wood. wooden Theme is classic.

High quality cool chess pieces.Figures of wooden chess pieces are manufactured in Turkey with high quality workmanship and handmade with special coatings and wooden materials.

We are using walnut as a molding wooden.Walnut is a wood alloy and its mains components are walnut and wood.

Pieces Size:

King size: 9 cm (3.5")
Pawn size: 4 cm (1.5")

Material: Wood, Wooden, Solid

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