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Handmade Wooden Chess Set with Polyester Chess Pieces with Legs


product type: Chess Set with Polyester Chess Pieces
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Polyester Stone Wooden Chess Set with Wooden Luxury Chess Board with Legs

Pierre Mac Orlan says ''There are more adventures on a chessboard than on all seas of the world.'' So how about going on an adventure?

Chess (which always maintains its place in the board games category) is a very ideal game for yourself - your family and your friends. It is one of the rare games that you can both entertain and educate your children. (Not suitable for children under 4 years old.)

You can use this chess set, (which will make your loved ones feel special) as a gift on all special occasions.

This chess set is made of high quality wood material with handcrafted wood veneer and filler varnish on the surface.

It adds a nostalgic look to the chessboard with its unique wooden handcrafted patterns.

You can also use this beautifully designed chess set as a decor in your home or workplace.

Size Board: 42cm x 42cm = 16" x 16" inches

 Handmade Chess Pieces

These chess pieces are specially made.
All parts were made entirely by hand.
100% handcrafted and all individually painted by hand.
A small felt cloth is glued under the chess pieces, which prevents the chess board from being scratched.

Chess Pieces Size:

♚ King: 2.7" equal to 7 cm. ♔
♙ Pawns: 1.9" equal to 5 cm ♟
♖ Others: Changing between 2.3" and 3" equal to 6 cm and 7 cm. ♘♞

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▪ FREE SHIPPING, definitely it is prepared to ship within 1-2 business days.
▪ As all of these pieces are hand-made they are not identical!
▪ They are not serial production products. 100% handmade.

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