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Brown Marble Patterned Chess Set With Gallipoli Campaign Chess Pieces


product type: Large Chess Set
Gewicht: 4.5 kg
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16.5" Brown Marble Pattern Chess Board With Gallipoli Campaign Chess Pieces

Our chess boards are 12 mm, 1. The quality is made of Medium Density Fiberboard.

After the patterns are transferred to the product, all surfaces of the product are protected with 3 layers of filling varnish, then 3 layers of glossy polyester varnish are applied.

While the edges of the product are painted with paint according to their patterns, they are protected with varnishes of the same layer. It comes with polyester chess pieces if you buy it.
Our chess pieces are polyester.
All parts are covered with velvet, which prevents scratching.
A Product With Full Surface Protection.
The Perfect Gift and Decoration Object.

High quality cool chess pieces.Figures of polyester chess pieces are manufactured in Turkey with high quality workmanship and handmade with special coatings and paint over the first grade and molding materials.

We are using polyester as a molding material.

Board Size: 42cm x 42cm = 16.5" x 16.5"

Handmade Chess Pieces

These chess pieces are specially made.
All parts were made entirely by hand.
100% handcrafted and all individually painted by hand.
A small felt cloth is glued under the chess pieces, which prevents the chess board from being scratched.


Gallipoli Chessmen each piece perfectly fits 2" Square chess boards.

Ottoman Empire:
Staff Lieutenant-Colonel Mustafa Kemal Bey (Ataturk)
Weight 2.5 oz (70 gr) | Height 4 3/4 (12 cm)

Brigadier Ismet Bey (Ismet Inonu)
Weight 1.7 oz (48 gr) | Height 4 3/4 (12 cm)

Corporal Seyit (who carried three artillery shells each weighing 608 lbs (276kg)). His third shot inflicted a severe injury to HMS Ocean which capsized shortly after.
Weight 2.3 oz (65 gr) | Height 4 1/4 (11.5 cm)

Pawns Ottoman Boy Soldiers
Weight 1.2 oz (34 gr) | Height 3 3/4 (9.5 cm)

British Empire:
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Weight 2.5 oz (70 gr) | Height 4 3/4 (12 cm)

Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges
Weight 1.7 oz (48 gr) | Height 4 3/4 (12 cm)

Pawns Anzac Boys (Private James Charles ('Jim') Martin is the best known boy soldier. He is believed to be the youngest soldier on the Roll of Honour. Jim was 14 years 9 months old when he died at Gallipoli.)
Weight 1.2 oz (34 gr) | Height 3 3/4 (9.5 cm)

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▪ As all of these pieces are hand-made they are not identical!
▪ They are not serial production products. 100% handmade.

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