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Leverancier: AsyaWoodArt

21.2" Octagon Wooden Luxury Chess Set with Quality Metal Chess Pieces


product type: Special Chess Set
Gewicht: 12.0 kg
Leverancier: AsyaWoodArt

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21.2" Octagon Wooden Luxury Chess Set with Quality Metal Chess Figures


Octagon Chess set greatly carved and shaped chess board made from walnut veneer. It includes special drawers for keeping the chess pieces. Chessboard has overlaid the mosaics obtained from various woods around and squares are overlaid with walnut. All colors you see on board box are natural colors of various woods. Classy metal chess figures will make your chess game experience even better.

This elegant handmade chess set with metal chess pieces will be the most beautiful gift for chess lovers. Get ready for ultimate chess game experience!


The main board is made of Beech wood .Squares are inlaid with ebony veneer.Sides are decorated with handmade wooden mosaic .
Chess figures are included in price.

Board Size: 54cm x 54cm x 13,5 cm -  21.2" x 21.2" inch
Weight: 12 kg
Squares Size: 1.65 inches (42 mm)


Pawns: 5 cm ~ 1.9"
Castles: 5 .5cm ~ 2.1"
Knights: 5.5 cm ~ 2.1"
Bishops: 5.5 cm ~ 2.1"
Queens: 6 cm ~ 2.3"
Kings: 6 cm ~ 2.3"

Material: Metal, Copper, Zamak
Colors: Copper,  Silver

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