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Handmade Personalized Asia Natural Mazel Veneer Walnut Backgammon Set


type de produit: Backgammons
Lester: 4.5 kg
Vendeur: asyawoodart

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20.5" Personalized Asia Natural Mazel Veneer Walnut Backgammon Set

This product is handmade and no composite materials are used. Our products are made of real wood and natural wooden parts.

Please do not compare our products with printed products.

20.5 Inch Asia model wooden backgammon set made of wood and it is inlaid with natural veneer of burl and black . Teqnique of wooden mosaic has been applied on the board. This kind of artistic teqnique is done by hand to combin several kinds of woods which forms a beautiful geomatric shapes. Playground is also overlaid wıth natural venner and mosaic and all the colours seen on backgammon are natural colours of woods.

Handmade Asia model backgammon set is created in inspiration of Asian motif. It has its own characteristics. Solid wood overlayed with burl veneer and obtained from various woods mosaics. All of the colours seen on backgammon are natural colours of different woods.

There are two checker slots and two number counters by side of the playground to make your gaming experience more organized and more professional.

🎲 Package Includes:

▶ 1 Backgammon Board.
▶ 16 + 16 boxwood checkers.
▶ 2 White dices.
▶ 1 Cube dice.
▶ 1 pairs of dice shakers.
▶ 1 Velvet Pouch for dice and checkers.
▶ 1 Faux Leather bag.

🎲 Dimensions:
52.5cm x 30cm x 7cm = 20.5" x 11.8" x 2.75" 
▶ Weight: 4 kg.
▶ Checkers Dia : 35mm


Material: Wooden, Walnut
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▪ It is not a mass production product. it is 100% handmade.

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